Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I've Learned So Far

About taking your baby/ little girl/ princess to work, that is...

  • A three-year-old in the office will make it feel like a tornado has hit.

  • You will feel 10x more exhausted than any other regular work day.

  • There's a lot of cleaning involved.

  • The best laid plans of day home/babysitter/etc. may end up meaning nothing if someone wants to "fight you" and fling herself into snow banks and run away instead of leaving you.

  • Best to be flexible.

  • Ponies and dolls and lots of snacks are necessary.

  • iPad backup is still a must for that last crucial 1/2 hour.

  • Or, with no toys, she will be more creative.

  • People will LOVE your child at the office, "I just love it when she's here!"

  • Or think you're really odd that your child is at the office, especially if they are new to the office.

  • You will cringe when she attaches to your leg when you are 15 minutes late, or asks to go potty in a room full of waiting practice members.

  • She will make everyone happier, sillier, and more full of smiles than you have ever seen.

  • A big kids play area or rest area and full time babysitter/Nanny would be lovely, but not happening at the moment.

And I think some days, they just need to be with us, still!

Of course, we have made alternate plans by this stage of the game. Scarlett goes to a day home 2 afternoons a week, and other wise, she is still with one of us. Thanks to some creative scheduling on our parts. But the best laid plans still fall through and over December and the holidays she was at Elan more than expected. Considering that our office is up there with "playground" "park" or "bookstore" for places she likes to spend time, I think we're doing just fine.

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  1. I personally love it when there are children at work. Makes it feel much more friendly to me!