Friday, January 27, 2012

Simple Living

I kept running into this theme, so I thought I'd make a commitment somewhere out there to simplify things...

Over at the blog, they are starting a Simple Living Pledge on Feb 1st. I signed up.

My laptop sits on a desk that is covered in at least 20 post-its, beside me is a pile of papers that needs to be filed, photos and my office lease..., my bulletin board has things pre-2007, pretty Christmas cards and a CARS toy. And that's just the surface of what I can see. Do you think I need to simplify? It would help my peace of mind for sure!

Straight from her site: What is Simple Living?

  • Identifying what is most important for you and eliminating everything else.

  • Freeing up time for doing what inspires you and being with the people you love.

  • De cluttering your mind, your everyday life and your virtual life.

  • Single-tasking and learning to diminish stress.

  • Striving to live frugally by wanting less and buying only what is necessary.

  • Slowing down and being actively present in the moment.

  • Living a healthy life, including cleaning your home and your body, eating, exercising and thinking.

  • Striving to be green and sustainable as much as your surroundings allow.

  • Enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

  • Simplifying your goals, tasks and expectations.

Wish me luck! I'm not counting this as a New Years Resolution by the way.

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