Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is Hard

I saw the title on, and had to agree.

It's the first real day back to work after the holidays. The two days I worked between Christmas and New Years didn't count because they were so casual. Our clients were relaxed and with no worries about the commute to our office.

Today, other people's kids were back in school. Other people have probably started back at the gym. Me? I haven't been at the gym in years, and my only serious consideration to return was to use the child care so I could have a real shower.

I haven't made any new year's resolutions, so I haven't needed to make that first step. Isn't that the hardest part-just getting the motivation to start and get out the door?

Today is hard getting back into the routine of things. It was an early start; Scarlett was cranky about getting up & kept staying "I stay" when Scott tried to get her out of the house, first to gymnastics, then to the office; the second nature of what to do at work isn't there right now.

Once I finally get back to the office, and back to the routine, it almost feels like a relief. And isn't it a lovely new start once the calendar turns to January? We get a bonus new start at Elan this year, as we have two newly changed over, and now painted, rooms at the office. New practitioners, new energy, and a new year. All at once. Just in time for the new moon tonight. So tomorrow shouldn't be as hard.

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