Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paradox of Days

Our daughter is experiencing our extremes of parenting this week. After being so committed to not using a dayhome/nanny/alternate caregiver, we're probably doing it. AND we're still taking her to work. Especially this week, our child has been subjected to 2 full shifts (it only means 2-3 hours) and one day of only one hour at the office. With possibly another visit coming up later in the week.

She's had the chance to practice some running around the open adjusting area, play chase with daddy and visiting kids, be with mom during an interview with a massage therapist (it's a great way to test the interviewee), greet clients, play on the computer and whatever else she could get up to (usually ignoring the toys). She seems to love my "new" office space, as do I. She also gets adjusted more often when she just hangs around the office, so it is a win-win.

Then one day this week we interviewed a day home, so she got to play with 2 new kids, and 2 new pets. I justify that it would probably be a good break from being dragged around with mommy and daddy all of the time.

We have some decisions to make, but once I got past my hurdle of thinking that I never wanted to use another caregiver, things seem a lot easier.

I have hesitated on the caregiver route because everything I had read about a full-time caregiver, seemed to be everything that I didn't want when raising my child. Unfortunately, I haven't seen as much information on children in part time childcare. My feeling is that at her age, 2 partial days a week is appropriate for her and her development. And her independence. Our only real test will be when we actually do this.

So my take your baby to work little girl, will soon get some vacation from work.

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