Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One More Book, please!

Leaving the office these days feels almost like a drawn out bedtime routine.

One more book. (Repeated 4-5 times)

Another drink of water.

Color a little.

Gather the guys (stuffed animals, miniature animals, dolls...)

Play with the toys.

Help a little behind the desk.

Grab a facecloth, climb onto a table.

Climb up on the chair and Draw on the Buddha board.

Hug Daddy good bye.

Another book, please.

Wave good bye to everybody. And finally, run down the hallway to push the elevator button.

I thought our work transition would take 10-15 minutes; instead we just hang out at the office for 30-45 minutes extra. I guess the toys at the office must be super exciting! And lots of good books.

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