Sunday, October 31, 2010


Italians do love their babies. And our daughter.

There are a lot of babies here. Mainly in strollers (up to about 3 years old it seems). They usually seem sleepy, docile, sucking on a soother. Or running around a park. And there are lots of baby and children's stores.

With all of that, Scarlett has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention.

The Bakery women have given her bread sticks and sweet buns.

The street vendor forcibly gave Scott a rubber toy (quickly discarded).

A lady on our vaporetto to Murano played peek-a-boo and games with Scarlett for 20 minutes, before giving her a "chuppa chuppa" key chain.

She kept saying "Bella" to Scarlett and saying she either had a beautiful smile or teeth?!

Scarlett was given a balloon-good marketing ploy-of course we bought a sweater from the guy.

Many random seniors have patted her head, squeezed her leg or foot, etc...

At our latest B&B, the stuffed animals and animal mug have appeared.

They either treat their children well, or our daughter is being spoiled by the Italians.

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