Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Best Thing About Today

Summer Dresses!

(Scarlett in her sundress with her head-less mom. She just woke up and this was as close to posing as she'd do).

Only in Calgary will you appreciate this. It's April 30th, and we're still in winter clothes. The puffy winter coat was also worn this week, and winter boots, during the freak snowstorm. It is still cold, although it is is trying so hard to be spring.

I finally unpacked Scarlett's summer clothes and it made me instantly happier. She won't be able to wear them without extra layers, but they are so pretty and dressy and colorful, that they make me smile. She likes them better too, as she tore off her long sleeved t-shirt (in black) to put on a green and yellow sundress. Which she is now sleeping in. The plan was to wash them up and hang them in the closet but I think we'll be seeing them everyday from now on.

I'm not sure where my restraint was when I was shopping for Scarlett, but we have enough clothes for 2 little girls. I suppose my dirt loving girl will need all of those extra outfits.

What could be better? Running on the lawn in barefeet perhaps? We'll wait a little bit longer for that one.

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