Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Online

Do you ever google yourself? Or your business?

It's something we do often and it always surprises me what I find. There is an article from 2000 in the Kelowna daily paper that announced my start in business. I can never get over that one & that the column was even archived online. Of course, I can always find my current website, old locations where I practiced, Profile photos, facebook, blog, linked in...

My office has a life of it's own. Some days it is attached to the physical location where it exists, some days it is randomly located elsewhere in Calgary. Some days the phone number belongs to us, some days not. Today I saw that my office even has it's own blog, but not one that I started or plan to participate in. Some days I see positive reviews that I didn't even know were posted about me, which is very nice.

We try to keep all of the content current and correct, but I'm starting to think it is an impossible feat.

Some days I think about the overwhelming amount of information that is out there. How do we sift through it all? How do we know what is correct and true? What reminders will we be getting in the future of our past self? Especially now with an on-line blog- this information really is out there forever. I do still stand by what I say, or at least for the information that I put out there (but how do you know if it's mine or someone else's?)

Maybe don't try to call our office today based on google maps advice. It may send you to a place where I have never been. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future, we may be better able to manage our on-line lives.

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  1. The concept is interesting, and I think about it a lot, especially when it comes to my children. Will there be a point when they don't want their lives spread across the globe? Or by that point will it just be so common place that they will have no concept of any other reality?
    That's funny that you (if this really is you) are so out there in the interwebs. With a name like mine I'm just one in a million, so I don't come up much at all. I'm okay with that.