Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick Days

This dilemma is likely not unique to me, but what does one do with a baby when one is sick? When the parent is sick, that is. Today I am healthy, and I rarely miss work, although missing work seems to be creeping up in frequency now that we have a child. And not because she's sick, but I assume that she's taking over some of my good health. At almost a year and a half, she's had a couple colds, and the one fever that she had (she hit 101 degrees and we were searching online for if that was something to worry about or not) I adjusted her and her fever decreased within the hour. So Scarlett is healthy and yes I knocked on wood.
I, on the other hand, am not liking the barometrics, lack of sleep, and hormones these days, but I'm sure its all temporary. I've had a few days when I have missed work, or thought about it, due to migraines. Where has my resilience gone?
But what's the point of staying home? The days that I'm sick, I weigh my options in my head. If I stay at home, life is as usual. Meals to prepare, chores that I can skip, thinking of some activity to do so nobody goes batty, a long nap if I'm lucky, but if not, crying or screaming as the tiredness wins, (that's Scarlett's crying or screaming, not mine). If I go to work, yes I have things to do and people to see & yes I must get dressed and all that goes with it, but sometimes its a much easier route to choose over staying home with a toddler. No one yells at me at works, or cries incessantly.
So what is the answer? What does a parent do when the parent is sick? I'm starting to understand those images of haggard moms that I have stored far away in my memory. Its probably easier to keep on with life as usual, than to take the day off for a sick day. (To reassure my clients, I do take sick days as needed, but a lot of thought has gone into them)

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  1. In the words on my wise friend, Marzena, "Are you saying NOT to use the TV as a babysitter? WHY ELSE would I ever have them watch it?" (Ok, there's the odd good show out there too--but very little wheat among the chaff). I usually had a selection of DVDs and or PVR'ed stuff for the boys to watch when I was ill, but now that they are older and can draw or read or play Legos for hours it has gotten much easier. Last time they even made their own dinner! (sandwiches and fruit).